Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne This is an elongated and sharply pointed bright red pepper with a taste that is tart and smoky with a hint of tomato. Different varieties produce different heat levels, which may very greatly from the milder ones at 3,500 S.U. to the hotter ones at 50,000 S.U. The cayenne pepper is a staple in […]

Cherry Pepper


Cherry Named after its shape, this pepper is available in both mild and hot products. Cherry peppers are dark green to red in color, and heat levels vary from no heat to 3,500 S.U. This pepper is most commonly used as a garnish for tuna, chicken or garden salads, and as an ingredient in salsa.

Cocktail Okra


Cocktail Okra The pod of the okra is a tapering green fruit of two to four inches long. The fresh fruit is a staple in many Creole dishes like gumbo, and when okra is pickled it is often eaten right from the jar. As a garnish for tomato juice or a bloody mary, the okra […]



Jalapeño Most popular and recognizable of all peppers, the jalapeño has a Scoville rating of 900 – 5,000. With its tangy and slightly sour taste, it is used most commonly on nachos, in salsa, stews, breads, sauces and dips, and chopped to mix with ground beef. The green jalapeño is available whole and sliced in […]



Pepperoncini This wrinkled, tapered and curved pepper is essential to salads and available in two varieties. The yellowish hotter Greek import named Trappey’s Tempero® has a Scoville rating of 100-500. The milder green mainstay of Italian and antipasto salads, the Trappey’s Dulcito®, has no Scoville rating.

Santa Fe Grande


Santa Fe Grande This tapered, bluntly pointed yellow pepper is included under the Torrido® label of the Trappey’s line of peppers. The Santa Fe Grande is a cross between the Floral Gem and the Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot Pepper. It is a good substitute for jalapeños in salads, cooked meats or sprinkled on tacos and […]



Serrano The serranos are long, slightly curved, bright green peppers with crisp, biting heat. One of the most popular peppers, it has a flavor that is highly acidic, and somewhat sweet and citrusy. Its popularity has risen because it is more flavorful than the jalapeño. With its Scoville rating of 10,000 to 23,000, the serrano […]

Tabasco Pepper


Tabasco These small, bright yellow-green or red peppers have a sharp biting heat of 25,000 – 50,000 S.U. with hints of celery and green onion flavors. The tabasco peppers are used in two forms in the Trappey’s line. In the pickled pepper state, the green tabasco Hot Peppers in Vinegar, as well as the juice, […]

Banana Pepper


Banana These shiny, yellow peppers are available in Trappey’s whole mild peppers or sliced hot rings. Petite banana peppers have no capsaicin, therefore no heat. Larger banana peppers, from which the hot rings are made, have a Scoville rating of 1,500-6,000. Both peppers are best used in salads and sandwiches.